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 FADETTE   Multifunctional  beauty tools


This product is a multifunctional beauty tool that can be applied to back scratching, massage, cosmetics, and medicines


1. It has a rotating body that can be rotated and fixed, so you can apply cosmetics or medicine by pushing or rolling the entire body, such as face, hand, and foot.

2. It has the effect of evenly spreading cosmetics by pushing or rolling them in the vertical or horizontal direction.

3. The handle and body can be separated, the desired product can be configured with simple attachment and removal, and the angle of the rotating body can be adjusted according to convenience.

4. You can insert puff, sponge, massage roll, etc. into the rotating body for use.

5. You can scratch your back or apply lotion (drugs) that you can't reach by yourself.

6. You can apply makeup by holding the handle to prevent cosmetics from getting on your hands. 

* 1 patent applications, 4 design applications


FADETTE  Multifunctional  massage tools

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